Actra Collective Agreement

When ACTRA members work, they are protected by agreements that set minimum wages and working conditions. Unlike traditional collective agreements, agreements negotiated between ACTRA and producer associations or broadcasters set minimum conditions and royalties, but ACTRA members are encouraged to negotiate beyond these minimum requirements. These agreements are managed and enforced by employees engaged in ACTRA offices across the country. ACTRA Toronto is the largest branch of ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists), the union representing artists in the film, radio, television and new media industries. ACTRA negotiates contracts on behalf of its members with producers and commitments. Our contracts set minimum pay and working conditions standards that allow actors to operate in a diverse sector, including independent film production, commercials, radio and television dramas, telephony, video games and web-based content. As a founding member of FilmOntario, ACTRA Toronto plays an active role in representing the sector at home and abroad. We are involved in international trade missions that aim to bring more work to our province. We are making a significant contribution to discussions within the industry and with the government to ensure a better business environment for production in Ontario. ACTRA has a 70-year history that grew out of the Radio Artists of Toronto Society, established in 1941. Since then, ACTRA has played an important and decisive role in the well-being of performers and in the development of our sector.

Beyond contract negotiation and management, ACTRA is also committed to our industry and, more generally, to Canadian culture. ACTRA is recognized nationally as an advocate for Canadian culture. It is the largest organization of cultural professionals in Canada. ACTRA De Toronto`s jurisdiction covers all of Ontario outside of national capital and represents more than 15,000 of ACTRA`s 22,000 members. We are proud of our work, but even more so of the work of our members. Ontario`s incredible wealth of talent is an important and valuable resource. Our actors live our stories with conviction and deep emotion.