Bc Crown Counsel Collective Agreement

c) In these cases, legal assistance is appointed by the Assistant Attorney General. If the worker has doubts about the appointment of such a lawyer, the worker should bring the concern to the attention of the Assistant Attorney General for review of the Assistant Attorney General. The designated lawyer represents the interests of the worker and the employer. 3 (1) Subject to Section 2, the BCCCA and the government may vary by mutual agreement. In accordance with Article 10, paragraph 1 of the Act, contracting parties may enter into an agreement on the terms of employment of persons covered by paragraph 5, paragraph 1 or 2 of the Act. 15.01 A staff member`s personal file is consulted at an appropriate time, established by mutual agreement between the worker and his or her direct supervisor. Crown Counsel Agreement, the agreement reached on January 5, 2001 by the government and the BCCCA pursuant to Section 4.1 of the Crown Counsel Act, which was extended until March 31, 2005 pursuant to Article 3 of the Crown Counsel Act. c) For the purposes of the old age allowance, in the absence of mutual agreement, a medical board is appointed in accordance with the permanent disability of a worker. The committee consists of a (1) physician appointed by the Institute, one (1) an employer-appointed physician and (1) two (2) physicians appointed for the presidency.

The committee thus constituted decides whether or not a worker is a permanent handicap and its decision is final and binding on the parties. The costs of this committee are paid as if it were a board ofjudation. If a worker`s permanent disability has been identified under the Occupational Safety, Safety and Compensation Act or the Canada Pension Act, medical advice is not required under this section. 12.10 All deadlines indicated in this article may be extended by reciprocal agreement of the Institute or its delegate and the employer or its delegate. 17.09 Under section 63, paragraph 2 of the Public Service Labour Relations Act, in the event of a conflict between that section and the Public Service Act, the Public Service Act applies. (ii) When a worker is appointed to a position where the checkpoint is lower and the worker`s rate is below the maximum checkpoint of the new wage branch applicable to the worker, the worker is paid at a rate in the new wage range closest to the worker`s current rate and does not constitute a reduction. 44.02 This agreement remains fully in force and applies until a renewal, amendment or replacement agreement is signed or until an impasse is declared under the Public Service Labour Relations Act.