Boston Scientific Corporate Integrity Agreement

NEW YORK, 23.12. (Reuters) – Medical device maker Boston Scientific Corp BSX. N on Wednesday completed an investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice by paying a fee and signing an integrity agreement. Personal and entrepreneurial integrity has been one of Boston Scientific`s guiding principles since our company`s inception. It encompasses everything we do and is a central part of our daily lives. Perhaps the most important persistent trend is to focus more on prosecuting defendants, including health managers. As Assistant Attorney General Tony West recently stated, prosecutors will “demand accountability” from corporate officers by continuing to “examine persecution of individuals.” [119] This proclamation came on the heels of the recent addition of the FDA Regulatory Manual with special procedures and considerations for the prosecution of Park Doctrine, as described above. [120] CVS Pharmacy Inc., the retail pharmacy of CVS Caremark Corporation, which operates more than 7,000 pharmacies in 41 states, has agreed to pay $17.5 million to refute allegations that it filed overcharged prescription applications with the federal government. The company reportedly billed prescriptions for Medicare and Medicaid, although the beneficiaries were also solvent through liability insurance that excluded Medicare as the primary payer. The company will contribute nearly $8 million to the federal government, and 10 states will share an additional $9.5 million. As part of the comparison, CVS amended its existing agreement on the integrity of the company with HHS. [29] Below is an alphabetical list of the major pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturer, concluded by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) for the U.S.

Department of Health and Health Services (HHS). A CIA is a document that describes the obligations a company accepts in a civil transaction. A company accepts CIA commitments in exchange for the OIG`s agreement that it will not attempt to exclude the company from participating in Medicare or Medicaid. Most CIAs are usually for five (5) years, so the end date will be about five years from the launch date, unless the manufacturer has violated the terms of its CIA or entered a second or third CIA. Boston Scientific does not tolerate any form of retaliation against a person resulting from a good faith report on a possible violation of our code of conduct, directive or integrity concern. Retaliation is also prohibited against anyone who assists or cooperates in the review of such a report. Note: The tip line is not designed to report product claims. If you are not a Boston Scientific employee and need to report a complaint, please contact customer service at 888-272-1001. Boston Scientific is a global developer, manufacturer and distributor of medical devices whose products are used in a wide range of interventional medical specialties.

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