China Merchant Agreement

21.2. This agreement is not considered a trade commission agreement and/or a committee agreement. This agreement does not establish a relationship between Joom as the Commission`s representative and the distributor as a commitment. Please note: In the event of non-compliance or the risk of non-compliance on the part of you, joom reserves the right to make payments to the dealer for a certain period of time. In this case, Joom will inform the merchant of the period of suspension of payment. HIPG is mainly active in the development, operation and management of the port of Hambantota as part of a concession agreement. Security: PCI-DSS security channel for your dealer`s data. 6.1. Participation and the creation of a store on Joom are free, unless Joom informs otherwise. Joom`s commission on the services provided by the sales agent under this agreement depends on the category of the item and is made available in the Joom Help Center available under

The commission is adjusted to take into account sales, promotions, special transactions and sales and shares that may take place in accordance with item 6.9 of this Agreement. Unless otherwise stated, all prices and fees are expressed in U.S. dollars (USD). Joom reserves the right to determine at any time, at its sole discretion, a new applicable commission. 1.3. The buyer`s obligation to pay the merchant is deemed to be met after receipt of the buyer`s payment by Joom (or its payment service provider) and Joom (through its payment service provider, if applicable) is responsible for the transfer of funds to merchants in the manner described in Joom and Merchantoom`s agreement with the payment service provider. If Joom (through the payment service provider) does not transfer these funds to Merchant, Merchant will only act against Joom (its payment service provider, if any) and not against the purchaser. In the event of non-delivery (within the delivery time provided by or in accordance with the joom terms of use for users) or in the event of deterioration of items shipped by the RM method by Joom Logistics (as defined in the shipping and delivery conditions joom Logistics, which are available under and platform rules), Joom will compensate the distributor for such non-delivery as follows: China Merchants Port Holdings has entered into an agreement with Fujian Transportation Maritime Silk Road Investment and Management (Fujian TMSR), a subsidiary of Fujian Provincial Communication Transportation Group (FJCT), to transfer part of its interest in the port of Von Hambantota in Sri Lanka. Years: It will apply for a certain period, also varies from a processor to processor terms, the terms will be discussed in the signed agreement.

As part of the agreement, China Merchants will sell Fujian TMSR 23.5% of the shares in the 100% subsidiary of Gainpro Resources, which owns 85% of the international port group hambantota (HIPG), for a price of USD 268 million. On May 28, China Merchants Port, Alibaba and Ant Financial signed a framework agreement for strategic cooperation through the innovative form of “blockchain signature” in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. Group Chairman Hu Jianhua, Executive Vice President Wang Hong, Deng Renjie and Chief Digital Officer Zhang Jian, Alibaba Group Vice President Zhong Tianhua and Ant`s Chief Financial Officer Jing Xiandong attended the signing ceremony.