Edf Energy Power Purchase Agreement

It`s great to make new investments, accelerate projects and reduce energy costs. With a more flexible and customized EDF Energy Power Purchase (PPA) agreement, you can do so. “EDF Renewables looks forward to providing Pedernales with competitive, clean energy through the King Creek 1 competitive iron project,” said Ryan Pfaff, Executive Vice President, Grid-Scale Power at EDF Renewables. “Pedernales` decision to include clean energy in its resource portfolio has helped make the project a reality, which will provide an economic boost to the local economy through new construction and business jobs and an increase in the tax base.” Electricity purchase contracts (AAEs) allow companies that generate their own electricity to sell this electricity and the renewable energy allowances associated with it. Learn more about power purchase agreements (PPAs), certificates for renewable energy and investment cases. Whether it`s wind, sun, biomass, anaerobic digestion, landfill gas, wastewater gas, waste energy, advanced processing technology or hydrogen plants, you`ll find an agreement with us. “Nucor is one of the most efficient and clean steel producers in the world, and we are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. That`s why we`re proud to make our production process even cleaner by supporting the development of this solar project,” said Leon Topalian, President and CEO of Nucor Corporation. “We are already the largest recycler in North America, and the support this agreement provides to the expansion of the regional grid with cleaner energy shows that Nucor is committed to sustainable steel production.” Contact us and we will help you find the best way to sell your power.

EDF Renewables North America is a market-leading independent electricity producer with 35 years of experience in renewable energy. The company supplies grid electricity: wind (onshore and offshore), photovoltaic and storage projects; distributed solutions: solar, solar-storage, ev charging and energy management; and asset optimization: technical, operational and commercial skills to maximize the performance of production projects. EDF Renewables` North American portfolio consists of 16 GW of developed projects and 11 GW of service contracts. EDF Renewables North America is a subsidiary of EDF Renewables, its own renewable energy subsidiary of the EDF Group.