For Your Agreement En Francais

Introduce yourself, apply for a job, send in your resume and letter of motivation, answer questions, everything to find a little job! Absolutely. That`s right. ” Yes, that`s right. It`s perfect. Yes of course. “Yes, of course. I agree (entirely) agree. You are right. You`re eating lunch at a restaurant, the server says many times in German, “Sorry, there`s no more” … Keep calm!!! Sophie: Of course, you can see It seems to me that the entrance costs 25 euros per day. I think that is reasonable. Sophie: Hello, are you okay? There is the Francofolies Festival in two months in La Rochelle, with many French and international artists, and I thought we could go together.

What do you get out of it? Read carefully the following table, you will learn some formulas for: Express your disagreement: I do not agree. I don`t think so. No no no no no. Of course not. I do not agree with you. I can`t find it. It`s not true/wrong. I don`t think so. You`re wrong.

You`re wrong. What a funny idea. Fanny: I don`t know. Which artists will be present? Sophie: That`s right, but the 4-day ticket is cheaper this year. What do you think it`s interesting to walk four days? Fanny: I`m with you, it`s less nice to attend a concert when it`s raining. Are there prices on the Internet? Share a point of view: we agree. I think the way you do. I agree with you. I agree with you.

What do you think is interesting? How do you feel about that? Can I have your opinion? What do you think of that? Do you think it`s worth it? Sophie: You have. I`m watching the news on the site and I`m sending you an email tomorrow! The refusal to give an opinion: I have no idea. I don`t know. It`s your turn. Maybe it is, maybe it isn`t. Fanny: As far as I`m concerned, I prefer rock music, or the one that`s pretty cool. Are there artists like that? Sophie: There will be, for example, Olivia Ruiz or Emily Loizeau, I think they are two very good singers. What do you think of that? Sophie: Absolutely! There`s Skip The Use or Archives.

I think it`s two bands you`ll love! But I think it`s good to go to this festival only when it`s not raining… Help: Read the following dialogue and fill out the sentences with the following words: Reviews / none / nothing / sharing / agree / thought / deceiving / reason To express your opinion: In my opinion, … I think I… In my opinion… As far as I`m concerned… Me, personally… As far as I`m concerned… If I`m not mistaken… I feel like…

I think… I think… I think… I changed my mind. Fanny: I don`t make any noise. Personally, I find it too expensive. If I don`t want it myself, last year it was 18 euros a day. Fanny: I have no idea, you have to see the full lineup. If there`s a day with artists you don`t like, I don`t think you should take a ticket to the whole festival.