Liquor License Purchase Agreement Form

The sale can be structured so as not to attract V. A. T. at the purchase price. Always deal with competent business brokers and accountants who assist the buyer and seller in dealing with these issues and with respect to the law. These are specialized contracts in which each contract corresponds to its circumstances. Do not take incalculable risk and take over the interest and credit account of the seller`s close corporation member. They can be held responsible for sellers` debts. Before signing the sales contract, a specialist in the field of spirits licensing must be consulted. The advisor can ensure that the license is valid and can be transferred to the buyer.

We are Liquor License Consultants and Business Brokers and can help the buyer and seller transfer a liquor license. We offer free advice on this. The contract to buy and sell a business can save costly litigation. It can also eliminate misunderstandings and conflicts between buyer and seller. The contract for the sale of a company must be drawn up by a competent person who has the knowledge and experience in business broking. The buyer must recognize that the action on the delivery date (transfer date) may not be a quick-moving action. The buyer must therefore ensure that additional inventory is purchased. Invest in the use of specialists in your business.

Remember, the most dangerous person is someone who doesn`t know he doesn`t know. You can advise us free of charge on the purchase of your licensed business. At the time of the sale of the business, it is advisable to issue a notice in accordance with section 34 of the Insolvency Act, so that on the effective date (delivery date), a period of thirty (thirty) to sixty (sixty) days has elapsed since publication. In the absence of such notification, creditors with valid claims can influence the transaction and file a claim.