Net Metering Agreement Rajasthan

The Commission has adopted draft regulations to promote rooftop solar installations under the state`s network meter regime. The RERC has established an energy accounting and settlement mechanism through the amended regulations. How can we apply for Net Metering online on the RRECL website? Net Metering Net Metering is an agreement that allows the owner of the photovoltaic facility to sell excess solar energy to the supply company or to purchase excess energy from the supply company that uses a meter to track this energy exchange. Thus, by rerc-distribution mechanism, the licensees must provide the arrangement of Net Metering for the consumer, the network connected to the solar system installed, in its supply area is provided on a non-discriminatory basis and first head of the first come. The Commission has now included a provision for payment to residential customers of photovoltaic (PV) installations in net metres for electricity produced. The RERC has also introduced a provision on what happens when consumers leave the network measurement system. The Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission (RERC) has adopted rules on connectivity and measurement of the roof network and small interactive solar network systems in the state. These regulations come into effect from the date of notification to the Official Journal. Recently, RERC has also changed its rules for setting tariffs for solar PV, solar thermal energy, wind projects, biomass gas projects, biogas-based projects and other projects based on unconventional energy sources. Amendment to Regulation 10 of the Main Regulation: Proposals for significant changes to energy accounting and billing.

. The new rules will come into effect from the date of publication in the Official Journal of Rajasthan. . The RERC has established an energy accounting and settlement mechanism through the amended regulations. When the rules were changed, the public authority considered that the tariff set by auctions of mega-solar projects could not apply to rooftop solar projects, as these would apply to lower kilowatt capacity, with higher capital costs for such projects. RERC had adopted the draft regulations in December 2018. Provided that, for the national category, net energy credits of less than 100 units under Net Metering, which were obtained during the respective settlement period, must be adjusted during the next settlement period until the calculation of 100 units: provided that, for consumers who are not in a household category , the cover of the authorized installed power per day also applies to 4.8 units per kW and that the net surplus of electricity is always available at the end of the count. The period of the category concerned is extinguished and no payment is made. The average commercial rate for Rajasthan is 7.4 ₹.