Proofpoint End User License Agreement

Spambrella offers annual, multi-year and monthly billing services, which means you only pay for active users on the service each month. Communication with Spambrella is instantaneous and as soon as you have an account manager, you will be driven through all the experience with large margins and support. Spambrella offers the Proofpoint Essentials license for MS at a fixed rate per month to simplify licensing processes. You are not required to keep at the minimum of the customer size with spambrella or geographic bureaucracy limits for an organization you want to support on the service. In August 2005, Proofpoint introduced a new product, Network Content Sentry, as an add-on-appliance following content security. [14] Designed to monitor other online messages than email, appliances monitor web-mail, message cards, blogs and ftp communications. Proofpoint has also introduced guideline-based email encryption features using identity-based encryption technology, which has been authorized by Voltage Security. In addition, in June 2008, Proofpoint acquired Fortiva, Inc., a provider of on-demand email archiving software for legal investigations, regulatory compliance and email memory management. [27] Fortiva used the exchange log to automatically archive all internal and external communications so that end-users could browse all archived messages, including appendices, directly from a search folder in Outlook. [28] Proofpoint`s E-Mail Security and User Awareness training technology is used by some of the largest and most successful security-conscious companies in a variety of continents and environments.

Proofpoint is globally available and is ready to meet your email security and user awareness training needs. Imagine yourself as your outsourced email security team! This page contains links to Proofpoint`s licensing terms, service level agreements and Adobe Acrobat PDF-related documents. Documents are opened in a new tab or window. Proofpoint offers software or SaaS for different facets of email security. Its flagship product, the proofpoint security messaging gateway. The security messaging gateway is a web-based application that offers protection against spam. Based on custom rules, as well as dynamically updated definitions [26], antivirus scans and configurable messaging firewall rules.