Tiaa Cref Master Agreement

You can also use TIAA Web Centers` account access feature to verify your contract accumulation. To use the WebCenter account access feature, go to the TIAA web home page under Our Funding Agreements division currently focuses on providing flexible non-participating premium financing agreements, issued through our general account to support education-related investments and/or savings programs sponsored by different countries. Several states sponsor a savings plan at 529 universities (named after Section 529 of the Internal Income Code (IRC) and each plan is a tax-advantaged investment and savings program to encourage account holders to save on a given beneficiary`s future expenses. Some states offer a guaranteed option to those investing in state university savings With the exception of the agreements described below, there have been no transactions between TIAA Life and a related person since January 1, 2016 and no transactions are currently being considered with related persons for whom disclosure would be required. The contracts are offered by TIAA-CREF Individual & Institutional Services, LLC (TC Services), a 100% subsidiary of TIAA. TC Services is registered with the SEC as a dealer dealer and a member of FINRA. TC Services may also enter into sales contracts with related companies or with third parties to distribute the contracts. TC Services can be considered as the main insurer of interest in the contract. Any person who markets the contracts must be a registered representative of TC Services or have entered into a sales contract with TC Services.

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