University Of Miami Early Decision Agreement

Applicants for the first decision I will be notified at the end of December. Applicants for early action will be notified at the end of January-early February. Applicants for the advance decision II will be notified in mid-February. Regular candidates for the decision are informed until April 1. If you have applied with a fake Social Security number, fax a clear copy of your Social Security card to 305-284-2507 or email with a brief explanation inviting you to update your application information. Once the documents are received, we will correct the number of our system. Be sure to include your full name and date of birth in all matches. Transfer applicants are invited to apply before April 1 until the entry date for the fall semester or until November 1 until the start of the priority period, November 1 in the spring. As with first-year students, transfer students submit their joint applications as well as their college transcripts and a college report from each post-secondary institution visited. Transfer courses are subject to a credit check after admission. Learn more about credits.

Yes, you can update your decision to have your application verified with or without test results, even after you have submitted your application. Applicants will receive an additional 15 days to update their file 15 days after the selected admission period has expired. Here are some examples of test-specific updates that candidates can perform: Submit test results for admissions committee consideration Update your test results Update your selection as optional or not To make these and other changes, candidates must complete the test-score update form on the candidates` portal. Submit your application until the specified date: November 1 for early decision I and early appeal or January 1 for early decision II and regular decision. We hope to offer you the opportunity to make these updates up to 15 days after the expiry of the chosen admission period and to offer you the flexibility you need. Our directive states that we cannot disclose a candidate`s admission decision by email or telephone. Admission decisions are possible through the candidates` portal. Students should carefully monitor their emails to ensure that a decision has been published. First-year students can choose from four admission plans: Early Decision I (EDI), Early Action (EA), Early Decision II (EDII) or Regular Decision (RD).