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Actra Collective Agreement

When ACTRA members work, they are protected by agreements that set minimum wages and working conditions. Unlike traditional collective agreements, agreements negotiated between ACTRA and producer associations or broadcasters set minimum conditions and royalties, but ACTRA members are encouraged to negotiate beyond these minimum requirements. These agreements are managed and enforced by employees engaged in ACTRA offices across the country. ACTRA Toronto is the largest branch of ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists), the union representing artists in the film, radio, television and new media industries. ACTRA negotiates contracts on behalf of its members with producers and commitments. Our contracts set minimum pay and working conditions standards that allow actors to operate in a diverse sector, including independent film production, commercials, radio and television dramas, telephony, video games and web-based content. As a founding member of FilmOntario, ACTRA Toronto plays an active role in representing the sector at home and abroad. We are involved in international trade missions that aim to bring more work to our province. We are making a significant contribution to discussions within the industry and with the government to ensure a better business environment for production in Ontario. ACTRA has a 70-year history that grew out of the Radio Artists of Toronto Society, established in 1941. Since then, ACTRA has played an important and decisive role in the well-being of performers and in the development of our sector.

Beyond contract negotiation and management, ACTRA is also committed to our industry and, more generally, to Canadian culture. ACTRA is recognized nationally as an advocate for Canadian culture. It is the largest organization of cultural professionals in Canada. ACTRA De Toronto`s jurisdiction covers all of Ontario outside of national capital and represents more than 15,000 of ACTRA`s 22,000 members. We are proud of our work, but even more so of the work of our members. Ontario`s incredible wealth of talent is an important and valuable resource. Our actors live our stories with conviction and deep emotion.

Aaa Credit Card Agreement

We may also collect your personal data from other people such as credit bureaus, affiliates or other businesses. c. Foreign Transactions If you receive your money (or purchase) in a currency or country other than the currency or country in which your card was issued (“Foreign Transaction”), the amount deducted from your money will be converted by the network or card allocation that processes the transaction into an amount in the currency of your card. The rate chosen is either :(i) selected from the range of rates available in wholesale markets (which may differ from the price the association itself receives), or (ii) the rate prescribed by the state, which applies to the applicable central treatment date. The conversion rate chosen by the network is independent of the fee for foreign transactions that we charge in compensation for our services. They will be charged a fee for foreign transactions in U.S. dollars of 3% on the total amount of the transaction. If the foreign transaction results in a credit following a return, we do not refund the fees for foreign transactions that may be charged for your initial purchase. A formal agreement between unrelated financial companies that would jointly market financial products or services to you. To report your lost or stolen card, call 1-800-807-3068 at any time. A specialist reviews your account fees and determines if fraudulent activity has occurred. Your AAA credit card is a zero liability for fraudulent transactions.

Your account will be immediately closed, all remaining credits will be transferred to a newly opened account and your new cards will be mailed to you in a few days. Loading the primary card account: you can add money called “loading” to your primary card by loading (i) Automated Clearing House (“ACH”) charges (z.B direct payment); (ii) loading cash through one of our recharging sites (a list is available at; (iii) Load cash through the AAA club where you purchased the card. In the table below, you will find quantity and frequency limits for different charging methods. For each load, a fee can be levied, as specified in the long form. If you agree to have funds transferred directly from a third party to your primary card via an ACH cargo, you must register with the third party with the bank code and direct deposit account number that we make available to you. The only federal payments that can be loaded onto your primary card through ach credits are federal payments to the primary cardholder. If you have any questions about this request, please contact customer service. We reject any charges that exceed the maximum balance allowed on your card.

There are also maximum load limits that we can place on your primary card if they are aggregated with other cards you have. You agree to present your card and meet the identification requirements to complete loading operations, as may be required from time to time.

5 Power Defence Agreement

Thus, since their inception in 1971, the five defence agreements of power have become an important and credible military cooperation, which offers the possibility of playing a greater role in the regional defence structure. It also has a role to play in the fight against terrorism, in unconventional threats, in the fight against piracy and in the rescue of disasters. The last annual military exercises and the conference of the five members of the Defence Chiefs were held in October 2016 and were organized by Singapore. Defence chiefs stressed the essential role played by the agreements in improving cooperation and security between their members and the perforated region. At the meeting, they also published the Directive on the Concept of Exercise, which guides future activities and cooperation between the five armed forces. In 1981, the five powers organized the first annual exercises of the land and navy. Since 1997, naval and air exercises have been combined. In 2001, HQ IADS was renamed Headquarters Integrated “Area” Defence System. It now has personnel from all three branches of the armed forces and coordinates annual navy and air exercises with five forces, while moving towards greater integration of ground elements. The annual Conference of Chiefs of Defence (FDCC) is organized by either Malaysia or Singapore and is the FPDA`s highest military forum and provides an important platform for dialogue and exchange of views between defence chiefs. [3] A ministerial meeting of the Five Defence Powers (FDMM) is also organized. [4] The most visible element of the FPDA is the headquarters of the integrated space defence system.

The headquarters, which is commanded by a Royal Australian Air Sheriff, is made up of more than 40 people from the 5 nations and now from the 3 departments. Having firmly anchored its initial orientation in the air defence of Malaysian airspace and Singaporean airspace, it regularly exercises FPDA troops in both the air force and navy and is moving towards greater integration of the army elements, as the ministers ordered in 2000. HQ IADS manages a comprehensive and varied training and training program, under which significant resources are devoted to theatre. Since 2000, the UK`s contribution has included a Royal Navy task force, Type 42 destroyers, support ships, Nimrod maritime patrol aircraft, tornado combat aircraft and Rapier ground missile systems.