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Above the race for the three-year deal, NYSEG customers want a 24.5% increase in their electric delivery bill; RG&E 13.3% For interest-free eco-loans and the energy transition tax credit, only energy improvement and renewal work by professionals bearing an RGE quality label (recognized as an environmental guarantor) are entitled to financial assistance in an old home. The RGE quality signs make it possible to identify a qualified professional for energy renovation work and whose competence in energy efficiency is recognized. Work area * Energy insulation work on walls and basementsRoof selectionThe ferry, shutters, exterior doorsCondensation or micro-power cogeneration Gas or fuel oilElectrics outside the ENR: heating, hot water, lighting Installations for renewable energiesHitze and/or hot water SolarThermal and/or hot water with woodThermal bath and/or water heater Thermodynamic Hot water production Geothermal installations Photovoltaic ringsRefigurationrrArchitect Global renovation projectRenovationnew Stretching studiesEnvirmation explorationReducmentsReplyparliamentsReparliamentsFloor drilling lighting Photovoltaic Technical System Photovoltaic Photovoltaic Photovoltaic Study Photovoltaic Sawing Wood Sawing Wood-heat-heat-solar energy Reform free of charge 3 OFFERS OF QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS Hello, I am a window merchant, I do not pose and I do not have a publisher, I can become RGE. Thank you for your return Qualit`EnR is since the beginning of 2006 the French Association for the quality of the installation of renewable energy systems. It works to promote the quality of professional services, manages quality services, regulations and assigns installers RGE qualifications: “Qualisol”, “QualiPV”, Qualibois and QualiPAC. The organization currently has more than 8,500 certified professionals, 6,000 of whom are EGRs. NYSEG and RG&E are subsidiaries of Avangrid, which reported 2019 calendar year earnings of $700 million, $2,26 a share, on revenues of $6.3 billion, compared with net income of $income of $595 million, $1.92 ashare, on revenues of $6.5 billion in 2018. Avangrid is a unit of Iberdrola of Bilboa, Spain. However, the information collected from several bodies is the processing fee, the training fee, the cost of obtaining the label, which varies according to the size and turnover of the company and the categories for which the qualibat label is intended to obtain the RGE label, plus the examination fee. .

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