Interim Cfo Agreement

Give us a call or send us a message today. You`ll be glad you did. We can provide candidates for all your financial positions at the executive level, whether in time, in time to duration, on an interim basis or on a permanent basis. We will be happy to talk to you. Whatever the schedule, the right CFO is a must for your business to run smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively. When interim CFOs have completed a project, they are complete and (most likely) impossible to hear. the average duration of an interim CFO contract is between one month and three months; Normally, this is enough time to solve problems. An interim CFO usually has nothing to do with startups. It is more likely that small and medium-sized businesses will ask people like me to come full-time for a very short and defined period of time.

Normally, there is a catalyst, something undesirable that happens to the financial health of the company. Companies usually don`t get an interim CFO when things go well. Another reason why your company wants to hire an interim CFO is to use their specific skills such as carveouts, systems implementation, mergers or acquisitions, or restructurings if the company needs to reorganize through bankruptcy. Some interim CTS have expertise in certain sectors; For example, CFOs experienced in the housing construction sector have been asked to help real estate companies cope with downturns, such as when the market plunged deeply in 2009. In both cases, you need a CFO, but not a full-time CFO, so the question is when to hire an interim (temporary) CFO or fraction (part-time CFO)? First, let`s clarify the difference. At CFO Search, our core business is to hold permanent CFO positions with senior executives from the world of finance, so the majority of our interim CFO candidates are truly eminent financial experts. Our contractual and temporal CFOs are financial managers who are currently transitioning between fixed CFO roles. They are not long-term unemployed candidates who cannot find full-time work. Of course, you should check skills, experience, references, etc.

Some group and interim CFOs may not have the skills you need most. And some may be trying the consulting life because they`re unemployed or half retired — which doesn`t mean they lack skills and expertise, but you need to know who they are and where they were. If a client does need a temporary CFO, CSOs should consult with their lawyer and insurance broker on possible legal protection and insurance issues before deciding how to proceed. Depending on the circumstances, it may be appropriate to have a lawyer design an independent contractor contract that limits the CPA`s legal liability. . . .