Venmo Card User Agreement

We protect you from unauthorized activity in your Venmo account. The terms and conditions below apply to all Venmo services, with The Way That Is Related to the Venmo Debit Card or the Venmo Credit Card. You will find solutions for unauthorized transactions and other errors related to the use of the Venmo or Venmo credit card in the De Cardholder Venmo Mastercard agreement or in the Venmo Visa credit card account contract®. If the protection below applies, we will cover you with the entirety of the unauthorized activity as long as you work with us and follow the procedures described below. Give yourself a cash advance on your credit card (or help others do so); Replacing the card. If you need to replace the card for any reason, call 855-204-4090 or email to request a replacement (Venmo usually responds to emails within 24 hours). You must provide personal information that may contain the 16-digit card number, your full name and your knowledge of the card`s transaction history. If you think the card has been lost or stolen, you can disable it immediately via the Venmo app. After you have deactivated the card or if you do not have the Venmo app, please contact venmo at 855-204-4090 for additional support. For more information, see Section 13 (your responsibility for unauthorized transfers). Venmo can cancel any card that has been deactivated for sixty (60) calendar days or more. You can terminate a billing agreement by contacting the authorized dealer directly by separating the dealer from your “Connected Resellers” page in the Venmo app or by calling Venmo at (855) 812-4430.

You can cancel a pre-authorized payment up to 3 business days before the date of the next scheduled payment. If you terminate a settlement agreement, you can continue to pay the dealer`s money for the purchase or make additional obligations to the merchant for goods or services that you have received but have not paid for. But even reading the fine print, Nancy Kim, a professor at the California Western School of Law, said BuzzFeed News Venmo`s user agreement was “pretty horrible.” If proceedings are initiated by or against you under a provision of the U.S. Bankruptcy Act as amended or under another bankruptcy or insolvency law, we are entitled to recover any reasonable costs or expenses (including reasonable legal fees and fees) related to the application of that agreement.